London RIB comedy tour guide entertaining on a speedboat trip on the river Thames in London
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Thames Rockets, formerly known as London RIB Voyages boats are newest, fastest on river, most experience team on the Thames
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Why us? We are the Number #1 ‘activity to do in London’ on Tripadvisor

About us

Formed in 2006 Thames Rockets™ was the first speedboat operator ever to set sail on the iconic river Thames, gaining our first award “Small Business of the Year” before the season was out. By 2007 we had been presented with the “Best New Tourist Attraction: Gold Award” from Visitlondon and been voted Five Stars ***** by Timeout, London.
Last year we proudly became the Number #1 ‘activity to do in London’ on Tripadvisor as a direct result of our valued passengers taking to the web to rave about their experience. Most recently we were entered into the “Hall of Fame” after receiving our 5th consecutive “Certificate of Excellence” year on year – so you see,
there really is no stopping us…

We are always raring to go, the engines are revved and awaiting the opportunity to take you, your special guests and loved ones on speed-boating adventures through the greatest city in the world. London by name, London by nature.

Our first home was at the world famous London Eye, but we now also have exclusive access to St Katharine Pier under the iconic Tower Bridge, which means that wherever you are in London you’re never too far away to jump on one of our amazing trips. Speedboat sightseeing, adrenaline fuelled, Northbank, Southbank… we have it covered!

With 65,000 passengers taking to our fleet “The Thames Rockets” in 2014 alone, there really is no point in accepting imitations of this truly remarkable experience. We have the funniest guides, the most skillful skippers, the newest speedboats London has to offer and unrivalled knowledge in how to make this experience come to life.

We do not advertise and rely purely on customer referrals. We trust in our product and so do our customers. Word of mouth is responsible for 100% of our new business!

Thames Rockets are committed to you, your guests and the experiences we provide you. Your safety always our top priority, your enjoyment a close second... Just check out our Tripadvisor reviews – our customers say it all!


"They're fast, they're slick, they're comfortable and the Big New Thing on
the Thames"

The Times Online

"This is brilliant, absolutely brilliant"

The London Chronicle

"Everyone's talking about the thrill of a Thames Rockets tour"

The London Guide

"What a fantastic experience, we didn't want this to end!"

The View

"A brilliant introduction to London for visitors"

Timeout London

"Professionalism through and through"

Warner Brothers



  • How do small children
    sit on board?

    Children will be able to sit normally in perfect safety beside their (responsible) adult. They can sit on your lap if you like or next to you on their seat. Straps or safety belts are not required for this experience.

  • Will children find
    the guiding boring?

    Our guides are all professional performers. They adapt their guiding to suit whoever is aboard. They have been handpicked to ensure our customers young and old get maximum enjoyment from our trips.

  • Do you have children’s life jackets?

    We have baby life jackets, toddlers, small children’s, children’s and teenagers. We have life jackets for all sizes and weights. All our life jackets are required by license to meet commercial safety standards and are serviced on a reguar basis.

  • Are your Thames boat trips safe?

    We operate under strict licensing from the Maritime Coastguard Agency, The Port of London and our own internal Domestic Safety Management Code. All our voyages follow a passage plan and have been appropriately risk assessed. You couldn't be in safer hands on the Thames. Our management team have vast knowledge and most importantly experience in the health and safety of customers in a commercial industry. Your safety on our Thames river tours is our priority, followed closely by your complete enjoyment.

  • Is it easy for less mobile customers to board?

    Yes it is easy for less mobile customers to travel with us and we aims to include everyone. Thames Rockets vessels have been designed to make access as straight forward as possible. Each vessel has a boarding platform at the bow, which is the same height as the London Eye pier. There is also a boarding handrail to provide support if required.

  • Is there somewhere to store pushchairs or buggies?

    Buggies and pushchairs are permitted onto the Thames Rockets where space is available but please note these will need to be collapsed. If space is not available on the vessel, these can be left behind with our Boarding Manager but please remove all valuables.

  • Do you have baby changing facilities?

    First class w/c (including disabled) and changing facilities are available in The London Eye (County Hall) for Thames Rockets customers.