What People Say About Us

We value feedback and all of our business comes from customer referrals – we have a genuine commitment to making sure that your Thames speedboat trip with us is a completely enjoyable and totally memorable experience that you would be happy to recommend to others.

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of entertaining a number of journalists on our trips and this is what they had to say:

"Until you have taken the river in this boat, you probably haven't lived"

"What a fantastic experience, we didn't want this to end!"

"Kids are not usually keen on sightseeing, they’ll no doubt change tune if you offer them a London RIB Voyage"

"They're fast, they're slick, they're comfortable and the Big New Thing on the Thames"

"A brilliant introduction to London for visitors"

"By the time I got back, my only thought was to do it again"

"Incredibly helpful and accomodating, staff go out of their way to assist with specific needs... We'll be back"

"Your careering down the river on a fast, wild and wonderful ride, however no two trips are the same!"

Times Online "London RIB Voyages, one of the best 50 things to do in the whole of the UK"

"The shoot went really well and everybody loved it, a great way to film"

"The best way to see the river Thames"

"Our guide, was the best guide I have ever seen"

"These guys really know what they're doing, it's not the first time we've worked together and it won't be the last.... Formal yet informal, professional yet polite. The complete package"

"Don't bother with your hair, hold on tight, have a blast on the fastest boat on the river... Very happy customers"

"Try a London RIB Voyage, highly recommended"

"A worthy hour spent onboard"