Pirates of the Thames


Ahoy me hearties! Enjoy a Thames boat party with a difference – an imaginative alternative to any land bound kid’s party or celebration. Bold Buccaneers wishing to set sail should arrive suitability attired for piratical daring do!

Bored with the same old birthday celebrations? Well avast me mad jolly scurvy dogs, shiver me timbers, grab yer eye patches and jump aboard for the birthday party of a lifetime.

Eye patches, bags of chocolate gold, ‘I’m a Thames Pirate’ T-shirts and other piratey gifts await all those lucky pirates who relish wild adventure on the high seas.

12 pirates per pirate ship and 3 ships in the pirate fleet, a total capacity of 36 scallywags per party.
Our guides are the nicest meanest of pirates to ever command the poop deck and will be dressed in  their favourite pirating gear too!

The Thames is the birth place of piracy and brimming with pirate tails, pirate hangin’s and famous pirates. The decks will be awash with gruesome tails about the likes of Captain Kidd one of the most famous pirates to have lived, Hanging Judge Jefferies, Keelhauling, Woolding, Dancing the Hempen Jig and much more.

Pirates will speed from MI5 to Canary taking in all the famous pirate sites whilst zooming like true modern day pirates at up to 35 knots as the Thames is eaten up by 400hp of engine power.

Suitable for all ages but children make liveliest pirates.  Our fun loving and jolly one legged crew will provide the entertainment and keep revellers safe at all times.

The best of everything the Thames offers at your own exclusive Thames boat party: a relaxing, informative tour of the river plus a high-speed adventure to get the adrenalin pumping.

The poop what?! That’s right, poop deck! It’s pirate speak for a part of the boat, usually above the Captain’s quarters, and there are plenty more silly facts and phrases you’ll discover on Captain Kidd’s Pirates of the Thames Tour, run by London RIB Voyages.

In between whizzing down the Thames on a speedboat and hunting for buried treasure, you’ll hear the most gruesome and blood-curdling pirate facts and delve deep into London’s maritime history.

London RIB Voyages charter groups of up to 12 (all ages) offering a fabulous alternative to any land-bound kids’ party or celebration. Bold buccaneers wishing to set sail should come suitably attired. Your guide will be dressed in their favourite pirating gear too! Everyone receives a free goodie bag including a t-shirt, eye patch, pirates game and edible treasureshiver me timbers, that’s sweet trade!

And if that's not enough, here’s why we receive five star ratings from TimeOut:

  • Fun-loving and friendly staff
  • Fast, exciting and completely safe for all ages
  • Award-winning guides who are all professional stand-up comedians
  • The best of everything the Thames offers: a relaxing, informative tour of the river plus a high-speed adventure to get the adrenalin pumping
  • Convenient launch base at the London Eye and tours operating 7 days per week


‘Kids are not usually keen on sightseeing, they’ll no doubt change their tune if you offer them a London RIB Voyage’

'One of the best 50 things to do in the whole of the UK’ 


Whilst London RIB Voyages provide a minimum of two responsible adult pirates on all party adventures please note the following adult ratio must apply within your party numbers. 


3 years to 7 years, please provide 2 responsible adult pirates.

7 years to 11 years, please provide 1 responsible adult pirate.

12 + years, can travel with our party crew at your complete discretion. 

Please note, the above is only a guideline, nobody knows your birthday city crew better than you, so if you feel these pegleg rules should be bent (either way) please call us now to discuss.


Calling all mature pirates, 'avast' we have the perfect birthday boat for you too!

Shiver me timbers our party boats are suitable for all ages, however, for teenage pirates too cool for these shivery shenanigans why not try a birthday treat upon "The Ultimate London Adventure" (T-shirts and edible treasure can still be provided for younger members of the party or those still young at heartie).

 Download Pirates of The Thames pdf file here.

Thames boat party with the pirates from London Rib Voyages!
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