Pirates of the Thames


Sorry. Sometimes we get carried away. All this zooming up and down the river can turn you a bit, well… Piratey.

Step aboard me hearties for a voyage like no other as you and your drunken deck hands face the high seas in a thunderin', rotten rigged raft!

Our very own Pirate Geoff will lead the galleon on its hunt for buried treasure. In between walking the plank and scrubbing the poop deck he'll show you all the most gruesome sights, sounds and stories of London's most famous pirates that have ever lived, Hanging Judge Jeffries, Keelhauling, Woolding, Dancing the Hempen Jig and much more.

We can charter up to 12 of the most terrifying traitors per boat. Bold buccaneers wishing to set sail should come suitably attired (your guide will be dressed in their favorite pirating gear too!) and everyone receives a free goodie bag including a t-shirt, eye patch, pirate games and of course, TREASURE.

So what are you waitin' for, you poop deck prancing hairy hammock monkey?? Step aboard for a celebration to take all the way to Davy Jones' Locker.

Just email us at bookings@londonribvoyages.com, telling us how many guests in your party and we'll email back with availability on your chosen date.

Filming on the Thames
Filming on the Thames