On all of our Thames river experiences we demonstrate a clear and unswerving commitment to safety – your safety and comfort are paramount. We are the largest speedboat operator of RIB voyages in the UK and being the original provider of such experiences have set the industry standard others are now expected to follow.

Should you require copies of our Insurance, we will be happy to e-mail this to you in advance of your booking. If you require a Risk assessments or Domestic Safety Management Codes then these are available to view in the office, upon written request.

We work closely with the Maritime Accident Investigation Bureau to bring in new safety codes, modes of operation and analyse how the industry can be safely improved to achieve a balance between commercial considerations and reducing risk as low as reasonably practical.


London RIB Voyages are licensed by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) and regulated by the Port of London Authority. We operate a strict Domestic Safety Management Code (DSMC) which provides clear operational procedures including regular:

  • Risk assessments
  • Emergency drills and procedure training
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Search and Rescue plans

London RIB Voyages Domestic Safety Management Code of operation is regularly reviewed by an external marine risk management company.

Safety Equipment

On all of our Thames river tours London RIB Voyages vessels carry all the up-to-date safety equipment available to meet licensing and Domestic Safety Management Coding. Equipment includes:

  • 14 man Solas B life raft
  • Thermal protective aids
  • Approved first aid kit
  • Floating quick-grab throw lines
  • Horse shoe life saving buoys
  • 2 x Icom fixed marine radios

Our skippers are in constant communication via radio with the Port of London Authority, other commercial operators, Wapping River Police and the RNLI. We have been called to assist emergency situations on the river Thames on a number of occasions. We are not only a commercial operator, but are well respected within the river community and helpful wherever necessary to ensure the Thames is a safe place to be for everybody.


London RIB Voyages is insured by Knighthood Corporate Marine Insurers. Knighthood are the largest passenger boat insurers in the UK. We have full Public Liability Insurance to four times the legal requirement level. We also operate a complete Marine Operators Combined Liability Policy.


All the London RIB Voyage Captains are commercial qualified and also hold the Thames Local Knowledge Endorsement (LKE) for commercial Thames craft. Our Captains are required under our DSMC to complete regular emergency drills.


Although not required by law to complete specific training London RIB Voyages Domestic Safety Management Codes require guides to have completed training to RYA Powerboat Level 2. All guides regularly undergo London RIB Voyages crew training which includes: close quarter manoeuvring, high speed operation, navigation, radio operation, emergency procedures and man overboard procedures. All crew hold a first aid certificate and a VHF operators licence.

London Eye

We also comply with the strict code of conduct and risk assessment required to operate from the London Eye.

Life Jackets

Adults Automatic Lifejackets

Adults are fitted with sleek automatic life jackets. They inflate on contact with the water, they also feature a manual inflation toggle. They are one size fits all and completely adjustable.

Children's Automatic Lifejackets

We supply top class automatic children’s jackets. They feature a manual inflation toggle and whistle. All our lifejackets are serviced annually by Ocean Safety one of the most respected suppliers of sailing equipment and clothing.


Toddlers are fitted with our multi-coloured foam toddler’s jackets. They are very comfortable (we are told) and not too bulky to ensure maximum "waving" (and holding on) ability.

Baby Cradle

We are a family sightseeing company so babies are more than welcome. We supply baby life cradles, which completely surround the babies clothing and are very manageable for mum to have on her lap. These are of course fitted by our experienced staff.

Sailing Jackets

It’s better to be too hot than too cold! Due to an element of wind-chill in certain conditions on this type of vessel we recommend you wear the jackets we supply over your own jumper or jacket. They are super warm. They are super stylish and we have them to fit all ages.

Sailing Trousers

We also supply sailing trousers to be worn over the top of your trousers. These are always available but rarely necessary. Again we have them for all shapes and sizes.