Who is this for?

No matter if you are exploring London alone, looking for the perfect date or organizing that illusive 'unique office event', we at London RIB Voyages have got it covered. We pride ourselves on offering the best experience for each and every customer, whether it's a birthday celebration or a hen party - you name it - we've got it covered!

How do we ensure everyone leaves happy? A combination of top notch guiding and unique exhilaration.

Our guides are handpicked and relish in providing unrivalled entertainment. Don't take our word for it, just check out our Trip Advisor page to see what you the customer has to say! They adapt their performance to suit the customers on board and like nothing more than a good bit of banter. It's what they do and they are the best at it.

  • We ensure we tailor our boat trips on the Thames to suit everyone, no matter - the age or ability
  • We exist to give you a truly unique experience of the river Thames
  • We do not advertise and rely purely on our customer's passing on the good word
  • Our trips are exhilarating, informative and completely safe for all as
  • Wet weather gear provided for all ages and sizes.

Who this is not for?

  • Expectant mothers during any stage of your pregnancy
  • Anybody with a historical or current back condition, including undiagnosed complaints.

We are not medical experts and are unable to analyse each case individually, hence if you have ANY back condition we automatically advise against participating in our boat trips. The Thames is an ever changing open environment subject to unpredictable wave moments.

who is this for
who is this for